Braidwood Design Studio

The Hands, Eyes and The Boss

The Hands - She is the brain behind the designs, is very good at translating the designs into working web sites, can and does work 20 hour days - just because she is a perfectionist and not happy if can't find the best solutions for her clients. No need to say, of course, she does the coding, graphics, photography is naturally a must, photo editing goes without saying, finds the best scripts and is always on a hunt for the best software - Nicepage, Coffee Cup, Xara and ..... and Nikon ... And she is a good cook.

The Eyes - He grumbles when the 20 hour days are on and has to fend for himself, but with decades of being a photographer and photography teacher, the fuzzy logic that makes him the best researcher, and the truly remarkable technical ability when it is about hardware, electronics, mechanics that comes with his Transylvanian ingenuity, he is a valuable member of the team. And you can count on him to tell you if something is not right with the design or structure or function ... And he can't cook.

The Boss - just lazes around and expects to be served hand on foot. Rewards you with a purr and trips you over when lovingly waves around your legs ... And can't cook.