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About domain names and hosting

Q - Where can I get a domain name and how much it costs?
While the term 'buy' is commonly used, it's not completely correct. When you purchase registration for a domain name, either through us or another service, you are buying the rights to use a web address for a certain period and you are licensed by the registry to do so. Think of acquisition more along the lines of leasing rather than outright purchasing.
There are a lot of providers (registries) that sell domain names and the prices vary. You can get some free as well but it would usually be tied to using their services as well and that will not be free.

Comment: We recommend using a reputable Australian registry that also offers hosting services as an option with very reasonable annual costs, domain names start from $14.49 p.a. or even less when on special. But you need to shop around, the same domain name could cost you like $146 p.a. elsewhere.
Q - Can I use my business title as a domain name?

Q - Does it matter whether it is a .com or
You can but it may not necessary or useful and will depend on your business name. Usually business names contain a number of words and choosing long domain names may not help people to find you. There are ways in which various domain names could be useful. The long domain name is redirected to a short domain name There are emails attached to both, so we could use the long email if you want people to find our website. 

Comment: We will help you to find the best domain name available that reflects your business as well as helps visitors to find you. Domain names are unique, there can be no two the same.

Q - Does it matter whether it is a .com or  Yes and no. Having a extension tells the world which country you are in (and may costs you more). World-wide aiming businesses are using .com and while the internet surrounds the globe and search engines crawl through without boundaries, it makes no difference as the content of the site matters much more than the domain name by itself.
Q - What hosting do I need? Can I use my own?

Q - What is the cost of hosting?
Choosing a host is more than looking at cost. You would want a host that employs the latest in hardware and software, provides all the features you might need like emails, data bases, storage, no limit to traffic and fast speed, 24/7 technical support, FTP, cPanel access, security & SSL, and, in practice, is never off-line so visitors never get the dreaded “404 nor found” error message. If you have a server that meets all the above, it is perfect. 

We recommend Netregistry as it is Australian and does tick all the boxes. 

Q - Hosting costs? You may be attracted by offers of free hosting and sites created in minutes without you needing any knowledge, but at the end, this will likely to limit you in what you might like to achieve or how your site is unique to you. You may need to ‘upgrade’ and pay a fee and then you could still be limited in what you can achieve - you might have to use their software and templates/features that may not have everything you want and the ways you want your site displayed – and the options may be limited. Often, as a result, it is difficult to move the site to another host or have it re-designed etc. if you are frustrated or unhappy with the result. 

Comment: The hosting we organise come with all the features above and packages (domain name and hosting) start under $150 p.a. - this starting hosting package is ample for individuals or smaller businesses - and there are NO monthly payments. Others might indicate starter setup costs in thousands and monthly fees thereafter that includes hosting and ongoing maintenance costs you might not need.